This page is part of my Custom Lighting Mod series of articles.

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to attempt any of these modifications, you assume all risks thereof. I just wanted to share my experiences here. Neither Agora Models, nor myself, are responsible for any damages that may occur.

Lighting Stage 50

Lighting The Warning Bar

In the Stage 50 of the stock build, this Warning Bar is not lit. On the real fire truck, this is a lit directional ‘traffic arrow’. Therefore, I decided to do my best to add lights here too. To begin, I needed to drill the holes out a bit larger in the Warning Bar to make room for the LEDs:

Next, I used my hobby knife to cut grooves in the Warning Bar to make room for the wiring:

Then, I used my Solarez Thin-Hard UV Resin to secure four (4) Micro Bit Light (Red) LEDs into the holes, as shown:

With these LEDs secured in place, I needed to cut the pins off the Light Lenses with my sprue cutters:

Finally, I could glue the Light Lenses into place per the instructions:

Mounting The Warning Bar

I drilled a 2mm hole through the Box Frame Roof Section between the mounting holes for the Warning Bar (and slightly to the left of center to clear the brace inside the Box Frame:

Next, I fed the plugs of the four Warning Bar LEDs down through this hole:

I could then mount the Warning Bar per the instructions, tucking the wiring underneath. I did use a bit of glue here to make sure it stayed put:


These Warning Bar plugs were attached to resistored sockets of the same Micro Expansion Boards powering the Rear Beacon lights in an alternating pattern.

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