This page is part of my Custom Lighting Mod series of articles.

NOTE: These steps are nearly identical to Lighting Stage 38 so many of the pictures are reused here.

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to attempt any of these modifications, you assume all risks thereof. I just wanted to share my experiences here. Neither Agora Models, nor myself, are responsible for any damages that may occur.

Lighting Stage 46

As in previous stages, I needed to drill a 2mm hole through the center of the Emergency Light Frame in Stage 46. I also created the shallow 2mm recess in the back of the Emergency Light Lens (make sure not to go all the way through the lens):

And, as before, I secured a Micro Bit Light (Red) LED to the back of the Lens with a tiny drop of Solarez UV Thin-Hard Resin:

The plug of the LED was fed through the hole in the Frame and the Lens was secured into place:

I drilled a matching 2mm hole through the center of the rectangular recess in the Step Backplate:

Finally, I threaded the plug of the new Micro LED through the Step Backplate and secured the Emergency Light Frame into place:

Back in Lighting Stage 38, I had already drilled a hole in the Box Frame on the right side. I was correct and the holes lined up correctly here:

I simply needed to feed the LED plug through the Box Frame hole and mount the Steps per the instructions in Stage 47:

The interior of the Box Frame is designed to hold some scale ladders that will arrive in later stages. Therefore, I am chose to use the left-side to store all of my lighting components and the right side to store the ladders. To keep this wire from catching on those ladders, I used a small piece of electrical tape to keep it safe:


These rear lights on the Box Frame were connected to the resistored sockets of the Micro 4-port Expansion Board for the Body Side & Rear Emergency Lights. I chose to have the strobe pattern alternate down the side of the truck, so I plug them into alternating boards as I go:

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LIGHTING 48 – Adding our custom lighting to Stage 48

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