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“Now for the upper midsection ladder and waterway.”




Materials: The pipe of the Waterway is metal, but the end fittings of the Waterway and the Ladder are plastic.


Aerial Upper Midsection Ladder and Waterway

Step 1

Retrieve your Ladder 9 from the previous stage. Slide the LOWER end of the Upper Midsection Ladder underneath the Lower Midsection Ladder we installed in the previous stage. When sliding this Ladder into place, be sure it follows the ‘stair like’ channels of the Ladder Guides along the way:

The UPPER end of this Ladder is the one with the screw holes nearby:

Step 2

Fit the UPPER end of this Upper Midsection Ladder in between the arms of Ladder Guide C at the top end of the Upper Midsection, and secure it into place with two (2) Type B screws, one on each side:

Step 3

Slide the narrow end of the Waterway into the open end of the Lower Midsection Waterway, as shown.

As in the previous stage, you will likely find that this new Waterway will not easily slide into the Lower Midsection Waterway if the lower waterways are attached to their Ladder Brackets. This is why I recommend waiting to attach any of these Waterway pins until the next stage:

Step 4

Rotate this Waterway until the pin of the upper fitting can be pressed into this hole of the Ladder Bracket at the top end of the Upper Midsection, as shown.

I did not complete this step as I am waiting until all of the aerial Waterways are installed before attaching them to the Brackets.


Another aerial Ladder and Waterway complete. We will attach the last ladder and add some final details in the next stage.

Next Up

 Stage 78 – Fly Section Ladder/Waterway

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