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“In this final pack, you will assemble the sections of the ladder that extend from the boom, the long lengths of waterway, and add all  the final details, including the wheels. You’ll start with the first ladder section, known as the Fly Section.”




NOTE: An entire bag of spare screws of each type is included with this final pack.

Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – Click to Download)


Assembling the Left Fly Section

Step 1

As in the previous stages, I used my Black Artistro Paint Pen to give the bumper on this Stop Plate a quick coat of paint:

Push the D-shaped pin of the Stop Plate into the matching hole at this location on the Fly Section (Left), as shown.

Just like the previous Stop Plates, I used my hobby knife to scrape off the white paint from the pin and then super glued this part in place:

Step 2

Fit the D-shaped recess of the Waterway Bracket onto the matching post at this location of the Fly Section (Left):

Secure the Waterway Bracket into place from the inside with one (1) Type C screw:


This Fly Section represents the uppermost part of the aerial boom and will soon be attached to the Ladder Platform (Bucket).

Next Up

 Stage 71 – Fly Section Right, Stop Plate

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