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“Assemble the left-hand side of the Upper Midsection, then join it to the right-hand side, finishing this stage by linking the  Midsections together.”

The steps of this stage will be very similar to the previous stages.



Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


Aerial Upper Midsection Left

Step 1

As in the previous stage, I used my Black Artistro Paint Pen to give the bumper on this Stop Plate a quick coat of paint:

Push the D-shaped pin of the Stop Plate into the matching hole at this location on the Upper Midsection, as shown.

Just like the last Stop Plate, I used my hobby knife to scrape off the white paint from the pin and then super glued this part in place:

Step 2

Retrieve your Upper Midsection from the previous stage. Fit these two assemblies together, as shown:

Secure these Upper Midsections together with two (2) Type I screws.

These screws were supplied in the previous stage:

Step 3

Slide the narrower Upper Midsection inside the Lower Midsection, as shown.

It takes a bit of force to start this, but then it will slide into place just fine:

Step 4

Retrieve your Ladder Guide from Stage 64. Fit this Ladder Guide to this location on the end of the Upper Midsection, aligning the pins and screws hole as shown:

Secure the Ladder Guide into place with two (2) Type C screws:


We have now completed 3/4 of the aerial boom sections! In the next stage, we will attach this assembly to our fire truck.

Next Up

 Stage 69 – Ladder Guides, Cable Runs

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