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“Now for the Aerial Upper Midsection… starting with the righthand side.”

The steps of this stage will be very similar to the previous stages.



Materials: All of these parts are plastic.

NOTE: Save any spare screws left over at the end of each stage of this build. They may be needed in later stages!


Aerial Upper Midsection Right

Step 1

As in the previous stage, I used my Black Artistro Paint Pen to give the bumper on this Stop Plate a quick coat of paint:

Push the D-shaped pin of the Stop Plate into the matching hole at this location on the Upper Midsection, as shown.

Just like the last Stop Plate, I used my hobby knife to scrape off the white paint from the pin and then super glued this part in place:

Step 2

Fit the D-shaped recess of the Waterway Bracket onto the matching post at this location of the Upper Midsection:

Secure the Waterway Bracket into place from below with one (1) Type C screw:


Another section of boom, another Stop Plate, we are just moving right along!

Next Up

 Stage 68 – Upper Midsection Left, Stop Plate

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