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“In the next stage, the two halves of the bed section are fitted together. The cogs will be attached before fixing the bed section to the
boom support. This pack is then completed with the start of the hose assembly.”




Materials: The two Boom Cogs and the tube of Pipe D are metal, but the other parts are plastic.

NOTE: Save any spare screws left over at the end of each stage of this build. They may be needed in later stages!


Fitting the Bed Section to the Boom Support

Step 1

Retrieve your Right-hand Bed Section assembly from the previous stage. Fit the D-shaped hole of the Ladder Bracket over the short matching post at this location of the Bed Section:

Secure this Ladder Bracket into place from the other side with one (1) Type C screw:

Step 2

Retrieve your Left-hand Bed Section from Stage 60. Then, fit the two Bed Sections together as shown:

Secure these Bed Sections together with two (2) Type I screws, one at each end on the right side:

Step 3

Fit the Right Boom Cog to this location of the Right-hand Bed Section, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Secure the Right Boom Cog to the Bed Section with two (2) Type C screws:

Repeat this step on the other side of the Bed Section with the Left Boom Cog and two (2) more Type C screws:

Step 4

Retrieve your Truck assembly from Stage 59. Slide the ‘cog’ end of the Bed Section down between the tabs of the Boom Support, as shown:

We want to align these holes in the Boom Support with the matching holes of the Bed Section:

Retrieve the remaining Hinge Support (long screw) and Support Nut from Stage 59. Slide the Hinge Support through the Boom Support, Bed Section, and out the other side.

This screw can be inserted through from either side, but since the first long screw faced to the right side, I did the same with this one:

This long screw should be completely inserted until flush:

Secure the Hinge Support with the Support Nut on the other side, as shown.

As before, I did not want to over-tighten this long screw as it acts as a pivot point. I simply held the nut with my fingers and tightened the screw snug:

Step 5

To raise and lower the boom, the button of the Boom Control Bracket must be pushed down. This will release the latches of the Boom Hinges from the Boom Cogs. The flat end of the Cab Button-Push Tool supplied with Stage 29 is perfect for this:

Raise the boom slightly and fit the Left Piston Bracket to this location on the left side of the Bed Section:

Secure the Left Piston Bracket into place with one (1) Type H screw:

In the same way, secure the Right Piston Bracket to this location on the other side of the Bed Section and secure it with one (1) Type H screw:

Step 6

Retrieve your two Elevator Pistons from Stage 47.

Both Elevator Pistons are the same. However, it is worth noting there is a circular recess on one side of each Elevator Piston (arrow below). On my model, I chose to face this recess in towards the Bed Section to hide it. This is entirely cosmetic, so it is up to you:

Slide the narrow end of an Elevator Piston into the right side cylinder of the Boom Support, as shown:

Rotate the cylinder up until the eyelet at the end of the Elevator Piston can be fitted into the Right Piston Support, as shown:

Secure the eyelet of this Elevator Piston into place with one (1) Type G screw:

In the same way, insert the remaining Elevator Piston into the left side cylinder of the Boom Support, raise its eyelet into the Left Piston Support, and secure it with one (1) more Type G screw:

Step 7

Retrieve your Water Pipe from Stage 58. Then, locate these two holes on the right side of the Turntable and Boom Support:

Firmly press the two pins of the Water Pipe into these holes, as shown:

Step 8

Fit the D-shaped post of Pipe C into the matching hole of Pipe B, as shown:

Fit the round post of Pipe C into the hole at the upper end of the Water Pipe, as shown.

Do not glue this connection as these parts need to be able to rotate:


It is amazing to see our Tower Ladder 9 with a ladder aerial on it finally! We will spend a lot of time building this aerial boom up, so the stages coming in Pack 10 will keep us quite busy. Additionally, keep the unused Pipe A and Pipe D safe until needed in Pack 12.

Next Up

 Stage 63 – Right Boom Reel/Bracket, Bearing Cap/Shaft, Reel Support, Ladder Bracket

3 thoughts on “STAGE 62”

  1. Wow what a final photo coming out of stage 63! Out of every partwork I have seen, this looks 100% perfectly accurate and life like. It literally could be used as a model for filming. Really impressed!

  2. Wow, beautifull and accurate model. I did it with almost all your custom lighting except for the Roof Lightbars .

    For the Multi Effects Board (LMB) components, I replaced all the original sounds with some more realistic sounds from this web site :

    You did a very good job with all the construction and electronic details !

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