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“In the next two stages, you’ll start to assemble the first boom section, known as the Bed Section. Stage 60 adds components to the left-hand side, stage 61 mirrors these steps for adding components to the righthand side.”




Materials: While most of these parts are plastic, the Name Plate is metal.

NOTE: Save any spare screws left over at the end of each stage of this build. They may be needed in later stages!


Components for the Left-hand Bed Section

Step 1

Retrieve your two Ladder Name Plates from Stage 01 and Stage 09. To tell which is which, the left-hand Plate has shorter white brackets than the right-hand Plate, as shown:

Fit the left-hand Ladder Name Plate to the side of the Left-hand Bed Section, aligning the screw holes, as shown:

Secure the Plate to the Bed Section with four (4) Type C screws:

Step 2

Apply a bit of super glue to the back of the Aerialscope 75 Name Plate and fit it into this matching recess of the Left-hand Bed Section:

Step 3

Glue the Spotlight Lens into the Spotlight, as shown.

You may want to use a PVA-based (white) glue here. Super glue (CA glue) has a tendency to fog up clear plastic:

Fit the D-shaped pin of the Spotlight into the matching hole at this location on the Left-hand Bed Section:


After the lengthy previous stage, this one flew by! We will repeat these steps in the next stage for the right side of the Bed Section.

Next Up

 Stage 61 – Bed Section Right, Spotlight/Lens, Name Plate

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