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“In pack 9, the focus will be on the all-important boom. You’ll begin by assembling the storage unit located on the turntable.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – Click to Download)


Assembling the Turntable Storage Unit

Step 1

Apply a small amount of super glue to this ledge of the Small Cabinet:

Secure the metal flap of the Small Cabinet Door to the ledge, aligning the locating pins as shown.

Avoid getting any glue inside the hinge of the Door:

Press the two pins of a Handle into the matching holes of the Small Cabinet Door (use glue if needed):

Step 2

Press the pin of the Reflector into the matching hole at this location of the Storage Unit.

On the real truck, this unit is the pillar that contains the controls for the aerial ladder system:

Press the pins of the other Handle into these matching holes of the Storage Unit (use glue if needed):

Glue the D-shaped post of the Door Lock into this matching hole of the Storage Unit, as shown.

On the real truck, this part is actually a down-facing light to illuminate the ladder platform:

Apply super glue to the edges around this opening of the Storage Unit, as shown:

Fit the Small Panel into this opening, aligning the edges as shown. Hold this part in place until the glue sets:

Step 3

Slide the Small Cabinet assembly down into this square opening of the Storage Unit:

Note which direction this Small Cabinet is installed and make sure it fits fully flush, as shown:

Step 4

Press the pins of the Storage Unit Panel into the matching posts in the back of the Storage Unit until flush, as shown:


This stage was all about building our Storage Compartment (Aerial Control Pillar). While we will install this assembly to the Turntable in the next stage, the unused Water Pipe will not be needed until Stage 62 so keep it safe for now.

Next Up

 Stage 59 – Turntable, Boom Support/Control Button/Ties/Hinges/Hinge Supports, Hose Connector, Handrail, Footrests

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