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“In this pack you will receive a number of ladders. Keep them to one side, ready to store in the ladder bays at a later stage. You’ll now add another cover section around one of the storage compartments.




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


Storage Box Cover and Raised Walkway

Step 1

Push the pins of the Walkway into the matching holes on top of the Storage Compartment Cover, as shown.

I did this step first to keep from putting too much pressure on the body of the truck in the next step:

Step 2

Retrieve your Body assembly from Stage 51. Push the pins of the Storage Compartment Cover into the matching top holes at this location on the left side of the truck, as shown.

The large tab at the rear of the Storage Compartment Cover should slide in front of the Stabilizer Jack. You may notice that I do not have my Box Frame Rood Section screwed down in these pictures. That is because I was still working on my Custom Lighting mod at this point in the build:

That step completes this stage, but there is an unused Ladder included here. This is the first of many ladders that we will receive and they should be safely stored until we need them again later:


This was a quick stage, but this is only the first of many Walkways we will install on our fire truck model.

Next Up

 Stage 54 – Ladder, Wheel Arch Cover, Side Marker, External Socket, Work Light, Emergency Light Lens/Frame

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