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“Pack 7 continues with assembly of the rear-most compartment on the right-hand side.

This stage will be very similar to the matching left-side compartment we built back in Stage 37.



Materials: The Door Fronts are both metal while the other parts in this stage are plastic.


Assembling a Storage Compartment

Step 1

Fit the Magnet between these raised ridges on the inside of the Shelf Bottom (marked ‘4-2’):

Test fit the Shelf Top (marked ‘4-4’) to the Shelf Bottom, then apply some super glue to the two pins of the Shelf Top and firmly press the two parts together allowing the glue to set.

The narrow ends of this shelf are angled slightly, so make sure the two edges match:

Step 2

The Right-Hand Door Front and Right-Hand Door Back are both marked ‘R8-1’. Test fit the two parts together, noting the two different sizes pins on the Right-Hand Door Front and matching round recesses on the Right-Hand Door Back. Then, apply a small drop of super glue into each of the round recesses of the Right-Hand Door Back, firmly press the Door Front and Door Back together, and allow the glue to set.

Make sure the free ‘flap’ of the metal hinge is not caught between these parts:

Repeat this process to secure together the Left-Hand Door Front and Left-Hand Door Back (both marked ‘R8-2’):

Step 3

Super glue the D-Shaped post of the Door Handle into the matching recess on the front of the Right-Hand Door Front:

Step 4

To make sure you use the correct door here, ensure the cutout shape of the hinge matches the shape of the ledge, as shown. Apply some super glue around the posts along the left-side ledge of the Compartment Inner, then secure the hinged metal tab of the Left-Hand Door assembly to this ledge, pressing it firmly into place.

Once fitted, check that these doors can open and close correctly:

Repeat this process at the other end of the Compartment Inner with the Right-Hand Door:

Step 5

Slide the Shelf assembly onto the rails inside the Compartment Inner.

Make sure the holes of the Shelf assembly are facing up, as shown:


This should be the last compartment we need to build! At least we can nearly do them in our sleep by now.

Next Up

 Stage 46 – Rear Right Stabilizer/Support Plate, Steps Backplate/Side Plates, Steps/Brackets/Handle, Light Lens/Frame

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