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“This is the last storage compartment in the pack to be assembled. It will house two fire extinguishers and a double-ended pickaxe which will be supplied in a later stage.




Materials: The Door Fronts and Magnet are metal and the other parts are plastic.


Two-door Tall Storage Compartment with Shelf

Assembling the Shelf

Fit the Magnet into this location of the Shelf Bottom (circled below). Then, add a drop of super glue to these two openings and press the pins of the Shelf Top onto the Shelf Bottom, as shown.

As with other shelves, the sides of this one are angled (lines below), Make sure the top and bottom parts match when fitting them together:

Assembling the Doors

Align the Left-Hand Door Back to the Left-Hand Door Front (both parts are marked ‘R5-1’). Apply super glue into these two openings:

Fit the two parts together, aligning the different-sized locating pins into the matching holes. Hold these firmly together until the glue sets:

Repeat this process using the Right-Hand Door Back to the Right-Hand Door Front (both parts are marked ‘R5-2’):

Installing the Fire Extinguisher and Shelf

Retrieve your Fire Extinguisher from Stage 40 and press its two posts into the matching holes at this location of the Compartment Inner:

I find adding these internal details is easier to complete before the shelf and doors are attached to the compartment:

Slide the Shelf assembly onto the rails inside the Compartment Inner, making sure the holes in the Shelf are facing up (away from the Fire Extinguisher). Do not glue this shelf in place:

Installing the Compartment Doors

Apply super glue along this left-side ledge of the Compartment Inner, then fit the hinge of the Left-Hand Door assembly over the posts and hold it in place until the glue sets.

Make sure these doors can open and close correctly as you install them:

In the same way, apply super glue along this right-side ledge of the Compartment Inner, then fit the hinge of the Right-Hand Door assembly over the posts and hold it in place until the glue sets:

Finally, glue the D-shaped pin of the Door Handle into the matching opening on the front of the Right-Hand Door, as shown:


As with many of these compartments, this one will be installed at a later time. Keep it stored safely until then. This stage completes Pack 6!

Next Up

 Stage 44 – Storage Compartment Frame

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