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“Next, you’ll assemble a light cluster for the rear of Ladder 9 before attaching another compartment and a tool. You’ll also assemble the trio of lights that will eventually be fixed on top of the stabilizer.




Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this stage are plastic.

NOTE: Save any spare screws left over at the end of each stage of this build. They may be needed in later stages!


Rear Left Light Cluster, PCB and Accessories

Assembling the Light Cluster

The four Light Lenses need to be installed in the correct order. From top to bottom, the first lens is a red tail light, the second is an amber directional turn signal, the third is a clear reverse lamp, the fourth is a red emergency light:

Press the two pins of each Light Lens into the appropriate matching holes of the Rear Left Light Cluster, as shown. Make sure the arrow on the amber turn signal is pointing to the left. Use a bit of white PVA glue (which dries clear) as needed.

NOTE: I have been adding lighting to my model, which is why you may see tiny extra wires throughout this stage. For more information, check out the entire process in detail on my Custom Lighting page.

Press the rounded ends of the LED Diffusers fully into the three holes of the Rear Left Light Cluster behind the lenses, as shown.

NOTE: As I am adding my Custom Lighting to the Emergency Light of this cluster, I did not install the bottom LED Diffuser here. I did save it to be used with my Rear Beacon mod coming up soon:

Fit the Light Cluster PCB onto the rear of the Rear Left Light Cluster as shown, and secure these parts with one (1) Type M screw:

Retrieve your Rear Panel assembly from Stage 02. Feed the plug of the Light Cluster PCB through this opening of the Rear Panel, as shown.

I circled two small holes in the Rear Panel in this picture. This is where the mounting pins of the Light Cluster will fit into with the next step:

Gently pull the Light Cluster PCB wiring through the Rear Panel until the two pins of the  Rear Left Light Cluster firmly seat into the matching holes in the Rear Panel, as shown:

Retrieve your Box Frame assembly from the previous stage, bring this Rear Panel assembly to the rear of the it, and then feed the plug of the Light Cluster PCB through the matching opening in the rear Storage Compartment, as shown:

Slide the Rear Panel along the wiring and press the lugs on the left side of the Rear Panel into the matching holes at the rear of the Box Frame. We do not want to seat the right side of the Rear Panel just yet:

Here, I am showing how the posts on the right side of my Rear Panel are not seated yet:

Finally, feed the plug of the Light Cluster PCB into the Box Frame assembly through this hole of the Compartment Inner. Make sure to pull as much wiring through the hole as possible, then press the exposed wiring into the corner of the compartment.

It is not mentioned, but I think this tab (arrow below) is meant to hold the wiring in place, as shown:

Retrieve your Storage Compartment assembly from Stage 37 and slide it into this Compartment Inner until fully flush.

Make sure the wiring is not pinched while installing this compartment:

Assembling the Rear Spotlights

Apply a drop of PVA glue into each of the three round openings of the Rear Spotlights and fit a Spotlight Lens into each one:

Installing the Axes

Press the pins of the Axe into the holes in the bottom of the Storage Compartment to the left of the steps.

On my model, the two holes in the bottom of this Storage Compartment were too small for the posts of the Axe. This is why I recommended waiting on installing this compartment back in Stage 38:

I had to pop this compartment out and widen the bottom holes by twisting the point of my hobby knife in them. Then, my Axe fit nice and securely:

With the Axe now correctly installed, I slid the Storage Compartment back into the frame, as shown:

Retrieve your Body Midsection assembly from Stage 29. Slide and clip the Pickaxe into the holders on top, as shown:


We added quite a lot to the left rear side of our fire truck in this stage. The unused Fire Extinguisher will be attached in Stage 43, but I am not sure when the Rear Spotlights will be installed, so keep them stored safely for now.

Next Up

 Stage 41 – Compartment Inner, Shelf Top/Bottom, Magnet, Door Fronts/Backs/Handle

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