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“Now you’re an expert in storage compartment assembly – its time to build another one!

We have built a few compartments like this before, so I will be summarizing many of these steps.



Materials: The Compartment Door Front and Magnet are metal, while the remaining parts are plastic.


Assembling a Storage Compartment

Apply some super glue to the two holes of the Right-Hand Door Back (and to the flat surfaces if needed), align it to the Right-Hand Door Front, and firmly press the two parts together.

Make sure the free ‘flap’ of the metal hinge is not caught between these parts:

Repeat this process with the Left-Hand Door parts:

To make sure you use the correct door here, ensure the cutout shape of the hinge matches the shape of the ledge, as shown. Apply some super glue around the posts along the right-side ledge of the Compartment Inner, then secure the hinged metal tab of the Right-Hand Door assembly to this ledge, pressing it firmly into place.

Make sure these doors can open and close correctly:

Repeat this process at the other end of the Compartment Inner with the Left-Hand Door:

Apply some super glue to the D-shaped hole in the front of the Left-Hand Door Front, then press the pin of the Door Handle into the hole:

Fit the Magnet into this location of the Shelf Top, as shown circled below. Apply some super glue into the two holes of the Shelf Top, then align the pins of the Shelf Bottom into these holes and firmly press these parts together.

Be aware that both ends of these Shelf parts are angled, so it needs to be assembled correctly as shown:

Slide the Shelf assembly onto the rails inside the Compartment Inner.

Make sure the holes of the Shelf assembly are facing up, as shown:


Based on the holes in these shelves, I am happy to know that there will be some extra tools and details inside these compartments. As this is the end of Pack 5, keep all of your parts safely stored until the next shipment arrives. Thanks for visiting!

Next Up

 Stage 38 – Rear Left Stabilizer/Plate, Steps/Brackets/Handle, Steps Backplate/Side Plates, Light Lens/Frame

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