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“In this next stage, you’ll start to assemble the box frame that forms the central core towards the rear of the truck.




Materials: The Box Frame Shell is metal, but the Box Frame Reinforcement is plastic.


Assembling the Box Frame Shell

Fit the flat edge of the Box Frame Reinforcement inside the Box Frame Shell, as shown.

There are three rounded screw points on the Box Frame Reinforcement that fit down into matching recesses in the slot of the Box Frame Shell. This can be a fairly tight fit, so I recommend starting at the forward end (long arrow) and work your way towards the rear (short arrow):

From the other side, secure the Box Frame Reinforcement into place with three (3) Type B screws:

Retrieve your Box Frame from Stage 30. Fit the tabs along the bottom of the Box Frame down into the matching slots of this Box Frame Shell assembly, as shown:

Note these six tabs along the bottom edges of the Box Frame:

These match to slots down inside the Box Frame Shell:

The Box Frame Reinforcement also has three alignment pins on top of it, like this one:

When fitting the Box Frame down into the Box Frame Shell, make sure all six tabs seat fully into their slots:

On my model, the front and rear alignment pins of the Box Frame Reinforcement snapped into the Box Frame:

However, on my model, the middle alignment pin did not match up to the hole in the Box Frame:

This does not seem to be a problem though, as the Box Frame still sat flush and flat inside the Box Frame Shell, as expected:


This was a quick stage, but this Box Frame assembly is important as it will be the base that the entire rear of the ladder truck will attach to. The long empty spaces inside this frame are typically used to store ladders on the real rig, so I am hoping we will receive ladders for it. It also means I may have to be smart about where I store all of the electronics for my Custom Lighting mod. This stage included some Type H and Type K screws that will be needed later on, so store them safely for now.

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 Stage 36 – Compartment Inner/Handles/Doors, Left-Hand Rear Door Front/Back

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  1. On my model, the alignment pin Left from the meddle didn’t have a lug to go into the hole of the frame. But like you said, the Box Frame is flush and flat inside the Box Frame Shell. Strange we both had inconsistent part issues for this Stage.

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