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“Next you’ll fit more tires to their wheel hubs. Prepare a hot-water bath to soften the tires before fitting, just as you did in earlier stages.

These wheels are assembled in the same way as the first set we built back in Stage 01.



Materials: The Tires are rubber and the Wheels are plastic.


Push the Inner Wheel into one of the Rear Tires so the rim of the tire fits snugly around the groove on the wheel, as shown.

If you find the Rear Tires to be stiff, try soaking them in hot water for a few minutes first. Be careful not to burn yourself!

With the tires warmed up, they slipped right onto the wheel. There is no lettering on the Rear Tire sidewalls, so they can be installed onto the wheels either way. Pictured here is the ‘outside’ of the Inner Wheel which will face the Outer Wheel:

This is the ‘inside’ of the Inner Wheel which will face the center of the fire truck:

In the same way, push the Outer Wheel into the other Rear Tire, as shown:

As with the previous wheels, I used my Liquid Chrome pen to touch up the lug nuts and the outer edge of the Outer Wheel rim:

Apply a few drops of super glue to this smooth, flat surface of the Inner Wheel:

Then, fit the four pins of the Outer Wheel into the matching holes of that same flat surface of the Inner Wheel:

Firmly press the two wheel parts together and allow the glue to set:


This wheel assembly will be installed in the next stage, so keep it nearby!

Next Up

 Stage 34 – Front Left Stabilizer, Hubcap

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