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“In Pack 5, you’ll assemble a few storage compartments that will be used for storing some of the essential tools used by FDNY fire fighters. The first compartment includes the ON/OFF switch for operating all the electronics.

We have built a few compartments like this before, so this should feel quite familiar.



Materials: Both Door Fronts and the Magnet are metal – the other non-electronic parts are plastic.

NOTE: Save any spare screws left over at the end of each stage of this build. They may be needed in later stages!

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – Click to Download)


Assembling a Storage Compartment

TIP: As I was building this stage, I found that that it would be easier to actually install the Fire Extinguisher before adding the Switch and Compartment doors, so I am moving this step to the beginning for other builders.

Retrieve your Fire Extinguisher from Stage 10. Press the two posts of the Fire Extinguisher into the matching holes at this location inside the Compartment Inner. The posts are different sizes, so this will only press-fit into place in one orientation, as shown:

Attaching the Switch to the Storage Compartment

Inside the Compartment Inner, you will see these ON and OFF markings:

The Switch has the same ON and OFF markings:

Fit the lever of the Switch through the slot from the back of the Compartment Inner so the markings match, align the screw holes, and secure the Switch into place with two (2) Type H screws as shown:

Assembling the Storage Compartment

Place the Left-Hand Door Front (marked L1-2) and Left-Hand Door Back (also marked L1-2)side-by-side. Apply some super glue to the two holes of the Back (and to the flat surfaces if needed) and firmly press the two parts together.

Make sure the free ‘flap’ of the metal hinge is not caught between these parts:

Repeat this process to assemble the Right-Hand Door.

As before, make sure the free ‘flap’ of the metal hinge is not caught between these parts:

Apply some super glue to the D-shaped hole in the front of the Left-Hand Door,  then press the pin of the Door Handle into the hole:

Apply some super glue around the posts along this left-side ledge of the Compartment Inner:

Secure the hinged metal tab of the Left-Hand Door assembly to this ledge, pressing it firmly into place.

Make sure this door can open and close correctly:

Repeat this process to secure the Right-Hand Door assembly to the other side of the Compartment Inner:

Fit the Magnet into this location of the Shelf Top, as shown.

This Magnet is used in conjunction with the door magnets to hold the doors in the closed position:

Apply some super glue into the two holes of the Shelf Top, then align the pins of the Shelf Bottom into these holes and firmly press these parts together.

Be aware that one end of these Shelf parts is angled, so it needs to be assembled correctly as shown:

Slide the Shelf assembly onto the rails inside the Compartment Inner.

Make sure the holes of the Shelf assembly are facing up, as shown:


We are going to get really good at assembling compartments as our FDNY Tower Ladder 9 has a whole bunch of them!

Next Up

 Stage 32 – Storage Compartment Frame

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