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“In this final stage of Pack 4, assembly starts on the front panel for the rear body, ready to complete and attach at a later stage. The box frame can be rested on the chassis but will also be fitted at a later stage. Keep the rope safe – this will be used to tie ladders  together, again, at a later stage.




Materials: The Box Frame is metal, the Rope is nylon, and the other parts are plastic.


Box Frame

Assemble and Attach Components to the Rear Body Section Front Panel

Press the D-shaped pin of the Fluid Tank Cap into the matching hole in the neck of the Fluid Tank, as shown:

Press the pins of the Fluid Tank assembly into the matching holes at this location on the Rear Body Section Front Panel.

Make sure this tank is fitted in the correct orientation, as shown:

Press the pins of the Canister Detail into the matching holes at this location on the Rear Body Section Front Panel:

Fun Fact: On a real fire truck, these are typically small chrome fire extinguishers that just contain pressurized water for spot fires. They are mounted in angled cylinder rings to allow quick removal when needed:


Keep the unused Rope somewhere safe as it will be used in a later stage to tie some ladders together. I like that even the parts we won’t see when the model is complete are still quite accurate. This Box Frame is very nice and the paint is great!

Next Up

 Stage 31 – Compartment Inner/Handle/Magnet/Doors, Shelf, Switch

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