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“The left outrigger can now be attached in the same way as the right outrigger, and the ladder turntable base from stage 24 will
be fitted.

This stage will be very similar to the steps we did back in Stage 26.



Materials: The Left Outrigger is a mix of metal and plastic, but the remaining parts are all plastic.

NOTE: Save any spare screws left over at the end of each stage of this build. They may be needed in later stages!


Left Outrigger

Assemble and Attach the Left Outrigger

Press the pin of the Ground Light Lens into the matching hole inside the Ground Light, as shown.

As on the other side, I used a small drop of super glue to keep these lens secured:

Press the D-shaped post of the Ground Light into the matching hole at this location on the Left Outrigger. Use glue if needed:

Retrieve your Body Midsection assembly from the previous stage. Fit this Left Outrigger assembly to the left side of the Body Midsection, aligning the two screw holes (at the top and lower edges) as shown:

Secure the top of the Left Outrigger to the Body Midsection with one (1) Type B screw:

Secure the bottom of the Left Outrigger to the Body Midsection with one (1) more Type B screw:

Attach the Ladder Turntable Base

Retrieve your Ladder Turntable Base from Stage 24. Note this offset locating pin on the underside of it:

This pin matches an alignment hole on the top of the Body Midsection:

Fit the Ladder Turntable Base to the top of the Body Midsection, aligning the locating pin to the matching hole as shown:

Secure the Ladder Turntable Base into place from below with two (2) Type B screws (supplied with Stage 25):

Slide the yellow end of the Pike Pole under this Pike Pole Bracket, and snap the other end in the Double Pike Pole Clamp, as shown:


I believe this completes the main assembly of the Body Midsection with only a couple of additional Pike Poles details left to add later on.

Next Up

 Stage 29 – Body Midsection Base, Cab Button-Push Tool

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