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“Now you’ll assemble and attach the electrical compartment for the right-hand side of Ladder 9, and attach the body midsection  roof.

This stage will be very similar to the steps we did back in Stage 24 and Stage 25.



Materials: Everything in this stage is plastic, except for the Compartment Outer Door which is metal.


Body Midsection Roof & Electrical Panel

Assemble the Right Electrical Panel

Press the Electrical Panel into the Electrical Compartment until the two pins on the back of the Electrical Panel lock into the matching holes in the rear wall of the Electrical Compartment.

As with the previous Electrical Panel, I painted a few small areas with my Gold and Bronze Metallic Sharpies: to add a bit more color:

Turn the Compartment Outer Door over and make sure there is no flashing or extra glue stuck around the magnet. Then, bring the Compartment Inner Door over and apply drops of glue to these two holes:

Fit the Compartment Inner Door to the Compartment Outer Door as shown, matching the holes in the panel to the pins of the door. Hold these parts together until the glue sets:

Apply a small drop of glue to the D-shaped hole in the front of the Compartment Outer Door, as shown:

Press the D-shaped pin of the Compartment Handle into this same hole to secure the handle into place:

Apply a few drops of glue to this ledge of the Electrical Compartment and fit the metal tab of the door hinge into place. Make sure the door can still open and close:

Install the Electrical Compartment into the Body Midsection

Retrieve your Body Midsection assembly from the previous stage. Slide the compartment into this opening on the right side of the Body Midsection. Firmly push the compartment in until the two pins on the back of the compartment fit into the matching holes of the body:

The two pins of the Electrical Compartment are different sizes, so this will only fit in the correct orientation:

Assemble and Attach the Body Midsection Roof

Press the five pins of the Body Midsection Roof down into the matching holes on top of the Body Midsection, as shown.

To help my Body Midsection Roof sit nice and flush, I twisted my hobby knife in the holes to open them up a bit and then super glued the roof down:

Press the two pins of a Pike Pole Bracket into the matching holes at this location on the Body Midsection Roof. Use glue if needed:

Press the two pins of the other Pike Pole Bracket into the matching holes at this opposite location on the Body Midsection Roof:

Push the D-shaped pin of the Double Pike Pole Clamp into the matching hole at this location on the Body Midsection Roof:

Push the D-shaped pins of the two Single Pike Pole Clamps into the matching holes at this location on the Body Midsection Roof:

Retrieve your Pike Pole from the previous stage. Slide the yellow end of the Pike Pole under this Pike Pole Bracket, and snap the other end in the Double Pike Pole Clamp, as shown.

Fun Fact: In firefighting, Pike Poles are used to pull down ceilings and open walls to find hidden flames. The hook end is jammed through the wall, rotated, and pulled back to make holes. It is also where the term ‘hook and ladder’ originated.


So far, so good! I am really looking forward to seeing what other little scale-model tools we will be included with this model.

Next Up

 Stage 28 – Left Outrigger, Ground Light/Lens, Pike Pole

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Building the 1:24 scale FDNY Tower Ladder 9 from Agora Models