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“In Pack 4 of the Ladder 9 Fire Truck build, most of the work focuses on the electrical control panels just behind the cab, and the  outriggers. In this first stage you will assemble the compartment that houses the electrical panel on the left-hand side of the truck.




Materials: The Compartment Outer Door is metal, but the rest of the parts in this stage are plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – Click to Download)


Ladder Turntable Base & Electrical Panel

Assemble the Electrical Panel

Use a little super glue to secure the rounded tab on the bottom of the Compartment Floor into the matching slot of the Electrical Compartment. The textured surface of the Compartment Floor should be facing up inside the compartment, as shown.

Press the Electrical Panel into the Electrical Compartment until the two pins on the back of the Electrical Panel lock into the matching holes in the rear wall of the Electrical Compartment.

Fun Fact: On the real truck, this is one of two identical Stabilizer Control Panels that operate the hydraulic jacks and outriggers.

To add a little more color to my Electrical Panel, I painted a few small areas with my Gold and Bronze Metallic Sharpies:

Then, I slid the panel into place and pressed the pins into the holes in the back wall of the compartment.

Apply a small drop of glue to the D-shaped hole in the front of the Compartment Outer Door, as shown:

Press the D-shaped pin of the Compartment Handle into this same hole to secure the handle into place:

Turn the Compartment Outer Door over and make sure there is no flashing or extra glue stuck around the magnet. Then, bring the Compartment Inner Door Panel over and apply drops of glue to these two holes:

Fit the Compartment Inner Door Panel to the Compartment Outer Door as shown, matching the holes in the panel to the pins of the door. Hold these parts together until the glue sets:

Apply a few drops of glue to this ledge of the Electrical Compartment and fit the metal tab of the door hinge over the pins on the ledge.

Before this glue dries, make sure the door can still open and close:


We have built one of these compartments before, so this should feel very familiar. Keep the unused Ladder Turntable Base nearby as it will be needed in Stage 28.

Next Up

 Stage 25 – Body Midsection/Side Panels, Water Supply Panels/Connections/Caps, Emergency Frames/Lenses, Road Cones

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