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“In this next stage, you’ll fix the left-hand side lightbar to the roof, and unpack components that will be attached to the chassis  supplied in the next stages.




Materials: The Exhaust Pipe is metal, but the remaining non-electrical parts are plastic.


Left-hand Side Lightbar & Components for the Chassis

Step 1

Retrieve your Cab Roof assembly from the previous stage. Feed the plug and wiring of the red Lightbar through this left hole of the Roof Cab:

Firmly push the rectangular base of the Lightbar into the matching opening of the Roof Cab, as shown:


That was a very fast stage to complete, but we did receive a lot of parts. All of these unused parts will be needed in Stage 12B, so keep them safe until then.

Next Up

 Stage 12 – Front Bumper Plating, Bell/Support, Front Tow Hooks, Front Right Stabilizer, Front Bumper Mirror

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