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“In this first stage of pack 2, you will assemble the front right wheel.




Materials: The Ladder Name Plate is metal, the Front Tire is rubber, and the Wheel is plastic.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – Click to Download)


Front Right Wheel & Ladder Name Plate

Step 1

Push the Wheel into the Front Tire so the rim of the tire fits snugly around the groove on the wheel, as shown.

If you find the Front Tire to be stiff, try soaking them in hot water for a few minutes first. Be careful not to burn yourself!

With the tire warmed up, it slipped right onto the wheel. There is no lettering on the tire sidewalls, so it can be installed onto the wheel either way:

As with the previous wheels, I used my Liquid Chrome pen to touch up the lug nuts and the outer edge of the Wheel rim. It is not easy to see with the bright studio lighting, but it is there:


We have mounted tires before, so this stage should feel familiar. Keep this Wheel assembly nearby as it will be mounted in the next stage. The unused Ladder Name Plate can be safely stored until needed later in the build.

Next Up

 Stage 10 – Right Condenser/Grille/Frame, Right Lightbar, Front Axle/Springs/Wheel Hubs, Track Rod, Fire Extinguisher

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