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“Next, you’ll move on to the platform, assembling the four sides & adding some lights and handles. Then you will start to assemble the axle.




Materials: The Axle Springs are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.

NOTE: Save any spare screws left over at the end of each stage of this build. They may be needed in later stages!


Assembling the Platform and Rear Axle

Step 1

Fit the two larger tabs of the Platform Right Side over these two posts on rear of the Platform Front, then secure these parts together with two (2) Type A screws as shown:

Fit the two larger tabs of the Platform Left Side over these two opposite posts on rear of the Platform Front, then secure these parts together with two (2) more Type A screws as shown:

Fit the Platform Back onto the Platform Sides as shown, with the triangular tabs of the Platform Back facing up:

Secure the Platform Back to the Platform Sides with four (4) Type C screws:

Step 2

I thought it would be interesting to use the spare Platform Front Light Lens on the Rear Platform Light. I just snipped the pin off the back of the lens and glued it into the round recess. I used sprue cutters here, but a sharp hobby knife would work as well:

Test fit the D-shaped post of the Rear Platform Light into this matching hole of the Platform Back. You may need to trim any flashing off the post as needed:

Once satisfied with the fitment, use super glue to secure the light into place as shown:

Step 3

Cut three Front Platform Light Lenses from the sprue and note that each lens has a pin on the back.

Press the pin of each of these lenses into the matching holes of the Platform Front Lights, as shown.

To make sure these would never fall out, I put a drop of super glue into each of these lens recesses:

Press the T-shaped post of the Platform Front Lights into this matching hole of the Platform Rear. Use super glue if needed.

The vertical bar of the Platform Front Lights is delicate and can easily be bent. Take care when installing it:

Step 4

Identify these four small holes in the Platform Back:

Apply a small amount of super glue into two holes on one side of the Platform Back, then press the pins of a Platform Handle into the same holes, as shown.

Like the Platform Front Lights, these little Platform Handles are delicate. Take your time installing them as to not damage them. I only pressed on the very ends, never on the bar in the middle:

Repeat this process to secure the other Platform Handle into the opposite side of the Platform Back, as shown:

This platform is looking really nice so far:

Step 5

Fit the tab of the Driveshaft (with the two holes) over the pin and screw hole of the Rear Axle.

Make sure the pin along the Driveshaft is pointed up in the same direction as the posts of the Rear Axle (circled below):

Secure the Chassis Part to the Rear Axle with one (1) Type A screw:

Retrieve your Rear Left Wheel assembly from Stage 01.  Slide the post of the wheel assembly over this shaft of the Rear Axle:

Secure the Rear Left Wheel assembly to the Rear Axle with one (1) Type L screw.

Save the extra Type L screw as we will need it in Stage 10:

Retrieve your Hub Cap from Stage 01. Press the Hub Cab into the center of the Rear Left Wheel assembly, aligning the two tabs on the Hub Cap to the matching notches of the Outer Wheel, as shown:

Slide the four Axle Springs onto these solid posts of the Rear Axle:

Since we are not installing the Rear Axle just yet, it may be a good idea to just store these Axle Springs in the bag they came in for now:


Yes, we have started to build the platform (basket) at the end of the Aerialscope ladder! I am still amazed at the painting and details of these parts, especially in 1:24 scale. I did notice that the suspension components are plastic, which can be worrisome if the model ends up weighing a lot – plastic axles do not like to support a lot of weight. Keep all of these assemblies in a safe place and remember to save any leftover screws as we may need them in later stages. I am loving this build so far!

Next Up

 Stage 07 – Storage Compartment Left/Right Door Fronts/Backs, Compartment Inner, Shelf Top/Bottom, Magnet

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