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“Now you’ll fix the speaker and air horn to the front bumper of your fire truck, and assemble a seat.




Materials: The Front Bumper and Speaker are metal and the Seat is hard rubber, but everything else is plastic.


Front Bumper, Air Horn, Speaker, & Seat

Step 1

I found that the tall silver corner markers on my Front Bumper were loose and did not want to stand straight up:

This was easily fixed by centering them upright and using a blob of super glue gel on the back of each marker, as shown:

Once the glue set, they are right where they are supposed to be:

Firmly push the pin of the Air Horn into this hole of the Front Bumper.

On my model, this needed a drop of super glue to stay in place:

Apply a small amount of super glue around the ridge of this rectangular opening of the Front Bumper.

I found that the top and bottom edges are the best spots to put the glue:

Fit the Speaker to the same rectangular opening of the Front Bumper as shown, and allow the glue to set:

Step 2

I want to take a moment to appreciate all of the detail on these seats, from the full-color decals to the SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus):

Apply a little super glue to the bottom of the Seat, avoiding the two raised rectangular tabs:

Fit the slots of the Seat Support over the rectangular tabs on the bottom of the Seat, with the long post of the Seat Support underneath the seatback as shown. Firmly hold these parts in place allowing the glue to set:


I am really impressed with all of the little details on these parts. There have been no stickers to apply and no tiny pieces to lose in the carpet! While we did not use the LED here, it will be needed in the next stage so keep it nearby. The rest of these parts can be safely stored for now.

Next Up

 Stage 05 – Cab Roof, Left Condenser/Grille/Frame, Antenna Parts, Roof Components C/D

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