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“You’ll now start to assemble the fire truck rear panel and front right cab door.




Materials: The Outer Door Panel and Window Winder are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


Rear Panel and Front Right Cab Door

Step 1

Apply a little super glue to these tabs of the Tow Hooks:

Fit the tab of one Tow Hook into this matching slot on the Fire Truck Rear Panel as shown, and allow the glue to set.

Make sure this Tow Hook is nice and straight:

Repeat this process for the other Tow Hook:

Step 2

Fit the post of the Window Winder into this hole of the Inner Door Panel and press it fully into place until it clicks.

Take care to only press on the Window Winder post and not the handle so we don’t bend it:

Inside the Inner Door Panel, fit the Gear onto the exposed square end of the Window Winder, as shown.

One side of the Gear has a raised circular center section – this side needs to face towards the Inner Door Panel:

Apply a little super glue to the insides of these four holes of the Inner Door Panel:

Align those four holes of the Inner Door Panel to the matching pins on the back of the Outer Door Panel:

Fit the Inner Door Panel to the Outer Door Panel as shown, and firmly press them together allowing the glue to set:

Apply super glue around these four pins of the Inner Cab Panel:

Fit the metal panel of the Outer Door Panel over those same pins of the Inner Cab Panel aligning it as shown, then press it firmly into place allowing the glue to set.

You may need to push the metal panel down onto the pins so it is flush with the plastic:

Apply a small drop of super glue to this D-shaped hole on the outside of the Outer Door Panel:

Firmly press the D-shaped post of the Outer Door Handle into the same hole and allow the glue to set:


The paint work on this model is excellent! The details on the Outer Door Panel and Rear Panel are crisp, clear, and aligned correctly. I enjoy that the window and mechanism to roll it up/down was already pre-assembled and worked perfectly. The door’s hinge was also pre-attached, saving us from having to work with very small parts. So far, the quality of these parts has been top notch.

Next Up

 Stage 03 – Front Grilles/Logo, Rear Left Outer/Inner Door Panels, Outer Door Handle, Window Winder/Gear, Inner Cab Panel

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