During the build of the Agora Models 1:24 scale FDNY Tower Ladder 9 we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each stage. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

StageGeneral ContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Rear Left Wheel, Hose, & Name Plate9900
02Rear Panel & Front Right Door91800
03Front Grille & Rear Left Door92700
04Front Bumper, Air Horn, Speaker, & Seat63300
05Cab Roof Components94200
06Platform and Rear Axle17591110
07Left-Side Storage Compartment867010
08Screw Guide (FDNY Shield)067010
09Front Right Wheel & Ladder Name Plate370010
10Cab Roof Parts & Front Suspension1181212
11Lightbar & Chassis Components788012
12Front Bumper Details & Front Stabilizer795113
12BMain Chassis, Door Steps & Wheel Arches111061427
13Cab Central Console & Components9115633
14Rear Right Cab Door & Captain's Seat8123134
15Cab Floor and Engineer's Seat14137539
16MDT, Cab Inside Roof, Dome Lights, Wing Mirrors8145241
17Jump Seat, Front Right Light Cluster15160243
18Front Left Cab Door, Crew Seat8168144
19Dashboard, PCBs, Roof Components16184145
20Jump Seat, Cab Equipment, Front Left Light Cluster17201247
21Main Cab Body & Details39240855
22Front Left Wheel3243156
23Main Circuit Board1244561
24Ladder Turntable Base, Electrical Panel7251061
25Body Midsection, Water Supply Panels22273263
26Right Outrigger4277265
27Body Midsection Roof, Electrical Panel11288065
28Left Outrigger4292267
29Body Midsection Base2294370
30Box Frame6300070
31Storage Compartment10310272
32Storage Compartment Frame1311779
33Rear Wheels/Tires4315079
34Front Left Stabilizer, Hubcap2317281
35Box Frame Shell/Reinforcement2319889
36Storage Compartment7326291
37Storage Compartment9335091
38Rear Left Stabilizer, Steps14349091
39Compartment Inner, Battery Box6355697
40Rear Left Light Cluster, Details16371198
41Storage Compartment9380098
42Storage Compartment73872100
43Storage Compartment93960100
44Storage Compartment Frame13977107
45Storage Compartment94060107
46Rear Right Stabilizer, Steps144200107
47Compartment Inner, Ladder Parts, Handrail74272109
48Rear Right Light Cluster, Details154421110
49Rear Beacon Lights, Roof Section, Blanket544712122
50Warning Bar, Ladder Platform184655127
51Cable Reel, Storage Compartment114761128
52Platform Floor, Nozzle64826134
53Ladder, Cover, Walkway34850134
54Ladder, Wheel Arch Cover74920134
55Boom Cradle, Storage, Details105021135
56Storage Box, Walkway, Details75090135
57Wheel Arch Cover, Ladder, Walkway95180135
58Storage Unit, Water Pipe105280135
59Boom Support, Turntable1954720155
60Left-hand Bed Section45514159
61Right-hand Bed Section45554163
62Boom Cogs, Piston Brackets, Pipes956411174
63Right Boom Reel75713177
64Left Boom Reel75781178
65Left Lower Midsection25800178
66Right Lower Midsection35833181
67Right Upper Midsection35861182
68Left Upper Midsection25884186
69Ladder Guides, Cable Runs55936192
70Left Fly Section35961193
71Right Fly Section25988201
72Storage Compartment, Walkways, Hubcaps96070201
73Rear Wheels86150201
74Storage, Cone, Details86232203