In the 11th Pack of our 1:24 scale FDNY Tower Ladder 9 build, we receive this fantastic display Diorama!

“In Pack 11 you will assemble a diorama representing the Firehouse Station for Ladder 9 at 42 Great Jones Street, Manhattan. Ladder  Company 9 and Engine Company 33 are stationed together in one of New York City’s grandest small-scale civic buildings whose Beaux-Arts design was once considered as daring as its occupants. You can read more about it here: https://www.agoramodels.com/a-short-historyof-engine-company-33-and-laddercompany-9/

This Diorama is easy to assemble with no screws required and can be set up in minutes using a magnetic fastener design. Although I do not plan on using this display with my own model (I use glass display cases), I thought I would show the build steps here.

Assembly Guide (Digital Version – Click to Download)


The Diorama

NOTE: I believe all of these parts are made of resin. Therefore, take care when applying force to any parts to prevent breaking anything.

Step 1

Lay the three striped Floor Sections on your workspace and bring their edges together. There are magnets embedded in the sides that will hold the sections in place, as shown:

Step 2

Press the brown Bookcase into the white Wall Section with the matching recess, as shown:

Step 3

Bring together all three Wall Sections until the side magnets hold them in place, as shown:

Step 4

The US Flag is a self-adhesive sticker that can be placed anywhere you like. However, once applied it cannot be removed without damaging it.

As I was not sure where I wanted my US Flag, I temporarily held it in place with a piece of clear tape for this picture:

Step 5

Press the Staircase Handrail into the matching holes of the Staircase, as shown:

Step 6

Along the bottom edge of the Wall Sections and at the back edge of the Floor Sections are additional magnets. Stand the Wall Sections onto this rear edge of the Floor Sections. The completed Staircase assembly has magnets along the rear that will connect to the right Wall Section and help hold the entire rear wall upright:

Step 7

The large Number 9 can be attached to the right Wall Section under the Staircase, again using the built-in magnets:

Step 8

Attach the Firepole to the Floor Section using the installed self-adhesive bottom pad.

On my Diorama, I chose to place my Firepole between the Bookcase and US Flag, but you can install it wherever you choose:

Step 9

Finally, stick the self-adhesive Plaque to the front edge of the center Floor Section, as shown:


As the first Diorama I have ever received with a partwork model, I am quite impressed with this fire house design! However, if I was going to use this to display my Tower Ladder 9, I would likely use super glue or another securing method to make the entire thing more sturdy. Once I finish the build, I will come back here and post a picture of the completed model placed into the Diorama.

Next Up

 Stage 70 – Fly Section Left, Waterway Bracket, Stop Plate

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